48 Hour Live Arrival Guarantee

Please note that shipping a live plant poses many challenges, whether
that be shipping delays brought on by one of our third party carriers,
or by the weather itself. When a plant leaves the Killer Plant Company,
it is happy and healthy. If there is a problem with your order, we kindly
request you contact us first so that we may assist you.

We offer a 48 hour live arrival
guarantee on all of our plants to ensure that your plant has arrived
safely and in growable conditions. You may notice a trap or two browning or blackening which is a normal side effect from continental shipping.

As long as the rhizome is white, firm, and there is new growth coming
out from the center of the bulb, your plant is perfectly happy.

If your plant arrives completely black or the rhizome is brown and mushy,
you must contact us within 48 hours to either exchange or refund your

Please note after 48 hours we will not refund or exchange your order. Our responsibility is to get the plant to you healthily, provide detailed growing instructions, and offer customer support for tips, tricks, and growing advice.

It is the responsibility of the customer to follow the instructions to keep their plant alive