Live Arrival Guarantee

  • Natural Changes: A black leaf? A droopy trap? Don't sweat it. That's just your plant shaking off the travel blues. Carnivorous plants regularly shed their old leaves, especially when they're getting comfy in a new place. With a little time and your care, your plant will bounce back and be ready for action.

  • The Science of Shipping: Our packaging is designed to protect against the rigors of transit, but occasionally, variables beyond our control (like weather anomalies or logistical vortexes) can affect our best-laid plans. While we can't offer a refund for every trap that turns up a little travel-weary, we stand by the robustness of our plants. Patience and proper care will restore their vitality.

  • Grower’s Guidance: Remember, once your plant arrives, it becomes your responsibility to keep alive. Our plants are known for their resilience, but they do require a specific set of care instructions. While our support team is ready to assist with any questions, the survival and flourishing of your plant are now in your capable hands.

  • Patience Pays Off: We don't offer refunds or exchanges for a plant with a couple of sad traps. This is just a sign of your new plant acclimating. Trust in the process and give your plant some time. We’re confident it’ll be sprouting new, healthy traps before you know it.

Remember, it’s about the journey – for you and your plant.