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Carnivorous Plant Soil - Sphagnum Peat Moss Perlite Mix 1:1 Ratio - Carnivorous Soil for Venus Fly Traps, Sundews, and Pitcher Plants

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RECOMMENDED BY PROFESSIONALS: Our award winning carnivorous plant soil sold here in a small 1qt bag for re-potting a few plants, Our carnivorous plant soil mix is a hand blended 50:50 mix of peat and perlite, all 100% all natural with no additives.

CANADIAN SPHAGNUM: Sphagnum Peat Moss and Perlite Mix are the ideal soil mixtures for planting most types of carnivorous plants.

CARNIVOROUS PLANT SOIL - Use our soil to plant Venus fly traps, Sundews or Pitcher Plants. A perfect soil for repotting your store bought plants as they grow.

PREVENTS ROOT ROT: When using this mixture in addition to our Long Fibered Sphagnum Moss, your plants will grow more enthusiastically with reduced risk of root rot.

TRUSTED BY GROWERS: The Killer Plant Company uses this exact soil blend for our own plants, so we know it works, it's safe, and it is trusted.


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