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Wholesale Purple Pitcher Plants

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  • Distinctive Plant Choice: Sarracenia Northern Purple Pitcher Plants are a unique carnivorous attraction for your collection.
  • Tailored Pot Design: Housed in a 12oz deep pot, optimized for the extended roots of carnivorous plants, ensuring robust growth.
  • Optimal Soil Composition: A dual-layered blend featuring peat and perlite at the base, capped with premium New Zealand grade sphagnum moss. This design ensures rhizomes stay hydrated without risk of oversaturation.
  • Transit and Store Ready: Each plant is sealed with a humidity dome, ensuring its vitality and health during shipping and while on display.
  • Easy Start for Customers: Every pot is equipped with straightforward care instructions to get beginners started.
  • Digital Support: Incorporated links and QR codes direct customers to our comprehensive online platform, offering extended care guides and real-time support, turning novices into seasoned carnivorous plant enthusiasts.
  • Reliable Shipping: All orders are dispatched via UPS Ground, ensuring timely and safe delivery to your store.


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