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Sarracenia Purpurea - Northern Purple Pitcher Plant

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  • CARNIVOROUS PLANT - Sarracenia Purpurea commonly known as American pitcher plants are native to the southeastern U.S. and can be grown in partial shade to full sun where the pitchers will turn from a green with red veins to a deep red/purple color
  • DEVOURS INSECTS - They grow low to the ground and prefer pitchers filled with water so they can catch and digest insects.
  • DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS - Includes a link to a detailed double sided, trifold instruction pamphlet, including a FAQ sheet, and a full page potting diagram
  • BARE ROOT SHIPPING - We ship our plants bareroot to ensure the plant can thrive during shipping. Unlike shipping in a humidity dome, where the plant is expose to unsuitable shipping conditions, we make sure the plant is perfectly comfortable so that it can thrive in when it arrives at your door. Be sure to have distilled water on hand before you plant arrives.
  • GREAT CHRISTMAS OR BIRTHDAY GIFTS- These plants make cool gifts for men, women, boys, and girls, regardless of the occasion. Whether you’re giving it to a true plant enthusiast or simply to contribute to decor in the home of a friend or family member, these intriguing plants are sure to catch anyone’s eye.
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