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The Killer Plant Company

Spoonleaf Sundew - Drosera Spathulata

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  1. Humidity Dome Shipping: Every Sundew is expertly packaged with our exclusive humidity dome, ensuring the delicate tentacles remain moist and shielded during transit, preserving the plant's captivating dewy allure.

  2. Live Arrival Guarantee: Our commitment is unwavering. Trust in The Killer Plant Company's promise that your Sundew will arrive alive, radiant, and ready to dazzle with its unique insect-catching prowess.

  3. Pure Hydration Protocol: For the healthiest and most vibrant Sundew, always quench its thirst with distilled water. This unadulterated hydration is key to maximizing the longevity and beauty of your plant.

  4. Signature Soil Blend: Rooted in excellence! Our premium dual-soil concoction offers the ideal nurturing ground for your Sundew, ensuring steady growth and a thriving experience.

  5. Empowering Every Grower: Whether you're a botanical veteran or a curious beginner, our Sundew comes with comprehensive yet simple care guidelines. Embark on your carnivorous plant journey with confidence, backed by The Killer Plant Company's expertise.


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