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The Killer Plant Company

Giant Venus Fly Trap

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  1. Humidity Dome Shipping: Every Venus Fly Trap is meticulously packaged with our signature humidity dome, ensuring your plant remains hydrated and protected during transit for optimal health upon arrival.

  2. Live Arrival Guarantee: We stand by the vitality of our plants. With The Killer Plant Company's promise, rest assured your Venus Fly Trap will arrive alive and thriving, ready to captivate your curiosity.

  3. Distilled Water Diet: To maintain the pristine health and vibrancy of your Venus Fly Trap, always hydrate it with distilled water. This pure hydration ensures your plant's longevity and peak performance.

  4. Premium Soil Blend: Cultivate success right from the start! Our unique dual-soil blend provides the ideal environment for your Venus Fly Trap, promoting robust growth and ensuring a flourishing experience.

  5. Beginner-Friendly & Informative: Whether you're a seasoned botanist or just starting out, our Venus Fly Trap comes with easy-to-follow care instructions. Dive into the world of carnivorous plants with confidence and support from The Killer Plant Company.


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